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The Mercury Plan bandwidth increase

June 29, 2023

We have increased The Mercury Plan's bandwidth from 8GB to unmetered/unlimited so that you no longer have to worry about bandwidth.

We hope this helps you as you keep using your Earth Girl Hosting plan.


International foreign transaction fees

April 25, 2023

Some US customers are receiving an payment of a few cents (depending on their total payment) in their credit card statements, which is in addition to their usual payment. It might be called international foreign transaction fee, in other words. This is not a fee by Earth Girl Hosting but by the customer's bank and card issuer. It seems to appear ...

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CAD currency now available

February 5, 2023

To all Canadians in or outside of Canada, we're happy to announce that you can now pay in CAD.

Prices should be a bit lower than converting USD to CAD.

Please submit a ticket if you'd like us to switch your account to CAD so that you can pay your current unpaid and future invoices in Canadian dollars.