How to Change the Email Quota Limit

The quota limit for an address defines the amount of mail (in Megabytes) that can be stored to its mailbox. Once this limit is exceeded, any incoming mail will be returned to the sender with a message stating that the recipient’s mailbox is full. 


Since a full quota will prevent you from receiving mail, it is important to keep track of quota usage.

Note: Your mailbox's trash folder is not included in the quota limit calculation.

Note: You will not be able to exceed the quota set by your web host. Also, due to mail server constraints, you cannot set a quota greater than 2048 MB. Quotas exceeding this amount must be unlimited.

To change a mail quota:

This tutorial will assume that you are logged into your cPanel. If you are having trouble doing that, please see the tutorial "How to Log in to cPanel".

Scroll down your main cPanel page to the section called Mail, and click on the icon that says Email Accounts. This will open the main Email Accounts page.

  1. Click Change Quota.
  2. Type the new email quota (in Megabytes) into the appropriate field. For an unlimited account, click unlimited.
  3. Click Change Quota to store the new value.
    • If you do not wish to change the quota, click cancel.
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